Questions for Buyers …

You probably won’t find the following questions on your average real estate brochures:

Buyers, do you:

  • take real estate ads at face-value?
  • know how to properly target your future home?
  • have the experience required to negotiate favourable (including safe) terms and conditions, and a fair price?
  • know how to do your own due diligence?
  • have the upper-hand in a multiple offer situation?
  • know that many single homes were built with the same technology as “leaky condos”?
  • want advantages that other buyers probably don’t have?
  • have a proper strategy?
  • want to avoid buyer’s remorse?

-Real Estate need not be risky! 

You will be provided the important information required as a buyer or seller.

John in Port Moody

Real Estate Evolved

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