Buyer Beware; a public service seminar

With all the responsibilities of buying and selling real estate, the need for risk management is crucial.

Whether pre-sale or resale, the onus for property evaluation is always on the buyer, although it is becoming more popular with sellers to have their own pre-sale inspection done to ensure that they are disclosing what needs to be disclosed.  In today’s real estate marketplace with an overbuilt supply of homes available, sellers will need to proactively prevent objections while buyers can be more demanding and feel more confident.

In an attempt to reduce uncertainty and protect themselves buyers and sellers I am working with will seek my direction.  While their responsibility for disclosure or due diligence cannot be delegated it sure can be supported.  This regularly involves conducting affirmative investigations of public records and other key informational sources to ensure that all significant facts are discovered.  If any uncertainty still exists then professional assistance is recommended.

Buyers looking for an upper hand will often want to prepare themselves.  As a public service to buyers I have been offering free seminars called Buyer Beware, and if it sounds scary it is supposed to. This unique real estate seminar will provide you with insights to avoid pitfalls and ways to protect yourself as a buyer.

Buyer Beware upcoming Fall’08 seminar schedule: 

7 p.m.  Sep. 22            Parks and Rec.            Green Room
Port Coquitlam –         604-927-7970

7 p.m.  Sep. 24            Public Library               Parklane Room
Port Moody       –          604-469-4577

7 p.m.  October 8        Douglas College          Surrey Training Centre
Surrey               –          604-588-7772 

7 p.m.  October 22      Douglas College          David Lam Campus
Coquitlam        –           604-588-7772

I’d enjoy seeing you there and be available to answer your questions.

Buyer Beware is a Public Service seminar sponsored by Consumer Advocacy and Support for Homeowners Society of BC 

2 thoughts on “Buyer Beware; a public service seminar”

  1. We were two of the 29 (?) attending the Coquitlam Campus seminar at Douglas College.

    As first-time buyers this was an extremely useful orientation for us. We had no clue how many potential pitfalls there are in real estate.

    We also have a better understanding now why so many people have bad experiences.

    Thank you.

  2. The next Buyer Beware seminar is scheduled for September 17, 2009 at the Poirier Branch of the Coquitlam Public Library.

    This public service seminar is sponsored by Consumer Advocacy and Support for Homeowners Society –


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