Relocating to Metro Vancouver…

Vancouver is regarded as one of the most desirable places to live in the world and as a result we have a net in-migration of >35,000 people each year.  While the Vancouver pre-2010 Winter Olympics real estate market slowed down, the over-supply is dwindling and has returned to levels not seen for about 18 months.  

So with local supply decreasing and demand going up I remain quite positive as we see the initial signs of a rebound.

My business as a Realtor is to help people find the home that best suits them, or assist them sell a home. Helping clients, including new Canadians relocating, avoid the risks with their real estate transaction is something I take very seriously.

I’ve already been able to help people of many nationalities, and by viewing my full profile here: you can read some recent recommendations.

I am personally networked to well over 200 Realtors in our North American market.  My international real estate network, which includes: immigration lawyers, translators, job search companies, etc., is even more extensive.

It would be an honour for me if I could ever help you, your family, friends or business associates find a home here in Metro Vancouver, or elsewhere through my network. Contact me here []

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