Evergreen Line – Third Station in Port Moody

Port Moody’s Old Town Future is in our hands – by Robert Simons (Reproduced from NewPort Village Voice)

After waiting for 15 plus years – Port Moody businesses and citizens will begin the serious dialogue on plans and final engineering of long awaited transportation infrastructures; notable Evergreen Line and the Murray Clarke connector.

A golden opportunity presents itself to shape plans in Moody Centre for;
Commercial and retail expansion
Heritage revitalization,
Cultural amenities, plus,
Aesthetic and well planned residential growth and development

Critical for Port Moody in the final plan for the Evergreen Line will be the number and location of transit stations that provide the interchange for community bus, bicycle, West Coast Express and pedestrian traffic. Along with the announced stations in proximity to Ioco / Barnet and the West Coast Express station a third location is required to service the west side of Moody Centre and the adjoining Port Moody neighbourhoods.

Newport Village, Suter Brook and Klahanie were all developed in anticipation of new transportation infrastructures – specifically the Evergreen Line. The current residential retail and commercial developments have been created with due consideration of the expected local proximity for pedestrians, bicycles and community shuttle to a rapid transit station.

An Evergreen Line station on the west side of Moody Centre would be the key catalyst for the long envisioned goal to revitalize Port Moody’s original centre of commerce. The potential exists to create a unique area of urban living including state-of-the-art transit options while at the same time leveraging the historic, commercial and cultural centrepieces that define Port Moody.

Urban planning for this unique area must take into consideration the fact that increased population density will occur. As residents of Port Moody we need to ensure that we capitalize on the Evergreen Line opportunity to enhance the viable, vibrant and liveable foundations of Moody Centre and the western neighbourhoods.

The May 26th Port Moody City Council Meeting includes a presentation by Port Moody citizens and businesses to garner City Council support for a third Evergreen Line station for the Westside of Moody Centre. Local support from all areas of Port Moody will be essential if we are to achieve this goal.

Come to the Council Meeting at 7:00PM this Tuesday at the Glenarye Community Centre, 492 Glencoe Drive Port Moody to show your support.
Robert Simons


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