Buyer Beware Seminar in Coquitlam – booking for April 12th

Buyer Beware – Buying Real Estate with Confidence

A mortgage broker, a REALTOR®, a lawyer and a financial planner in the same room at the same time, offering a FREE workshop, and answering all of your questions about purchasing real estate.

This unique real estate seminar will provide you with insights to avoid pitfalls and ways to protect yourself as a buyer.

Register today to reserve your seat at this FREE Seminar:

7:00-9:30pm – Tuesday, January 25th FULLY BOOKED – now booking for April 12th.

Douglas College – 1250 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, Rm C1004 – see maps below

RSVP Grace: 604-202-5775

Mortgage Broker: To discuss the different financing options available, the impact of credit history, and how to qualify for your mortgage.

Pauline Tonkin is a fully licensed broker, a member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC and the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.

Lawyer: To talk about common misconceptions and clarify the legal aspects of purchasing real estate.

Laura Holland, B.Comm/LL.B. is a partner at Drysdale Bacon & McStravick with 15 years experience in residential real estate and investing in real estate.

Financial Planner: To explain how to structure your finances in an efficient manner to save on taxes when purchasing real estate.

David Perkins, CFP has 16 years in the financial planning field. Purchasing or selling real estate is of particular interest to David as these activities can allow you to restructure your finances to pay less tax.

REALTOR®: The importance of buyer due diligence will include systematic evaluation of information, identifying risks and issues in the residential real estate market.

John Grasty is known for his advocacy on behalf of homeowners, and as a Tri-Cities based REALTOR® his expertise is valued and respected, and his opinion widely sought after.

Other things you will learn about:

– The legal aspects of purchasing real estate (including documentation)

– Tax planning through real estate investing

– The different types of joint ownership and when it makes sense to structure a purchase differently to save on tax

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