Baby Boomers, I’ve been expecting you.

While there is an overwhelming amount of generic real estate related information available to consumers, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (an SRES accredited REALTOR®) understands the specialized needs of the 50+ market (about 48 percent of Canada’s population according to the 2006 Census).

A mature clientele can seek help from someone who recognizes the implications of safety, comfort and aging; someone who recognizes mortgage finance and loan schemes, and scams designed to victimize seniors; someone who recognizes the implications of tax laws, estate planning, and has an established network of local experts.

A REALTOR® who is professionally accredited as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES) is trained to understand the demographics and characteristics of each generation, and is best suited to respond to the specific real estate needs of mature clientele.

Whether you’re moving closer to your family or closer to relaxation, the needs of the Boomers are distinctly different from younger generations.

So if you’re contemplating a change of pace or a change of course, “I’ve be expecting you” to call: 778.878.0778

John Grasty, ABR, SRES

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