Getting started in real estate investment…

Getting started in real estate investment just might be easier than you ever thought.

On Tuesday, November 8th, real estate investor, Robert Klein, will be joining Homeowner Advocate and local REALTOR®, John Grasty, for the Real Estate Transitions Seminar, at Douglas College (Room C1005) in Coquitlam.

Rather than provide a seminar outline, here is a report of what you might expect offered from a participant at our inaugural Real Estate Transitions seminar:

I wanted to pass along my thanks for the Real Estate Transition Seminar held for the very first time on Monday, September 12th at the Klahanie Canoe Club. It was enjoyable and informative, and I would like to offer my account of the event.

Local realtor and homeowner advocate John Grasty, and his team of experts, provided a thorough and straightforward introduction to the world of real estate investment in an intimate and welcoming environment that saw individuals from all walks of life in attendance.

Being first to present, John provided a summary of the local housing market, while painting a strong case for real estate investing in the face of startling statistics about the rental vacancy rates (at historically low levels), aging rental stocks in the area and a renewed interest in renting to own. I was surprised to learn that only 600 new rental units are purpose-built in Metro Vancouver each year where, given our annual influx of over 18,000 families, the demand is reported to be a great deal higher.

He backed his overview with a personalized client case study that clearly illustrated why investment should be a part of all real estate portfolios. John is renowned for the importance he places on buyer due diligence, and we learned that this does not change when undertaking real estate investment. The value of understanding leveragability, and maintaining your patience and focus in order to successfully achieve passive income was also emphasized. John’s finished off his presentation with one of the many insider tips provided throughout the seminar that, prior to November 30 and December 31, there can often be good buying opportunities using a strategy he explained for the benefit of those in attendance.

The evening continued with a presentation by Robert Klein, a mortgage broker and real estate investor with who advocated for the re-advanceable mortgage. He spoke about its advantage in allowing homeowners to re-borrow the principal they pay off each month and advocated for it as the perfect solution for investors who need a growing source of funds.  The audience was introduced to his own Rental Analysis Sheet, a tool that allows investors to quickly understand how the cash flow of a property increases significantly when they structure a purchase with a re-advanceable mortgage. He made investing seem accessible to everyone in the room, regardless of whether they had done it before or were new to the game.

Last up to speak was Sean and Meeka Caissie, self-taught real estate investors with no professional experience but a wide network of industry connections and invaluable firsthand knowledge. They spoke about the “4 F’s” – food, fuel, forestry and fertilizer and introduced the audience to Don Campbell’s “Crystal Ball Method”. They encouraged the audience to really examine why they were interested in real estate investing and how they were going to go about doing it. They further challenged the audience to look at their capabilities, their finances, their exit strategy, and emphasized the importance of always doing research and having an experienced team of experts to go to for guidance. Their talk was casual, friendly and inspirational as they were easily relatable to those of us who, like they had once been, were completely clueless to the ins and outs of investing. Sean and Meeka invited attendees to attend their next Meetup on Friday, September 30.

The evening closed with an inclusive and welcoming Q&A and networking session, and even the opportunity to chat with Port Moody mayoral candidate Robert Simons who was in attendance at the seminar. John also invited all those in attendance to contact him with any further questions (at 778.878.0778 or by email:

I highly recommend this seminar for those who are looking to attend a free educational public service (no sales pitch!) on the possibilities of real estate investing and the opportunities to become savvy investors.

Thanks again,


Many thanks to the Klahanie Community for hosting us, and especially for the help provided by Ian and Sabine; thank you. It is because of the success we experienced at The Canoe Club with our seminar that we have decided to repeat so soon.

If you missed the seminar and you’d like to attend on November 8th, registration is required due to limited seating, and once full we will start a waiting list. You can register (at no cost) by providing the contact information (for confirmation) for each individual via email:

Alternatively, please provide your contact information by calling Grace at: 604-202-5775. If you leave a voice message please repeat clearly your name and phone number.

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