The Benefits of Working with a Local REALTOR®

The Benefits of Working with a Local REALTOR®

Are you curious to know why Homebuyers and Sellers hire a REALTOR® from outside of the area to represent them, and not leverage all advantages in their favour? So am I.

If you’ve ever heard, read or seen, a report on the Canadian real estate market, you’ll know that it is rarely reflective of what is happening locally in your neck of the woods. All real estate is local and always has been. Should your REALTOR® also be local?

Being familiar with the Tri-Cities area in which I live, work and intimately know, really makes a difference because communities have different customs, demographics and personalities. Community events and civic involvement are just two of the many ways I interact to gain the inside track.

If you were looking for a “Hyper-Local” REALTOR® (for instance, specializing in Port Moody real estate) how would you find such representation? Given that the Internet is the entry-point into today’s real estate market for about 95% of Buyers and Sellers, a simple search for, “PORT MOODY REALTOR” seems to make sense.

You might want to give this a try because many claim to be experts for large geographic areas; from Abbotsford to Whistler, or wherever they can get a client. I call them, “Everywhere Specialists”.

It isn’t fool-proof though because some of the more tech-savvy REALTORS® and brokerages, or those who have hired professionals, have been able to rise to the top of search engine results in ways that might not necessarily reflect the market experience you need.

Who could possibly be better to provide you with an assessment of the current dynamics of the neighbourhood market you’re interested in than a hyper-local REALTOR®?

REALTORS® have a legal obligation to uphold the integrity of their clients, while protecting and promoting their interests. This means you should expect a REALTOR® to know your neighbourhood, provide the highest possible level of service, and take care of all your specific real estate needs. That’s why if your real estate interests are in, say, Coquitlam, then try to find a REALTOR® whose niche is Coquitlam.

Your results will likely be based on the local competence of the REALTOR® you choose, so take the time to research, meet and interview, check references, and don’t get duped by fancy presentations, or rushed to sign anything you don’t fully understand.

Don’t make life-changing decisions without being fully informed, or properly represented, and preferably locally. Why risk your real estate with an “Everywhere Specialist”?

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