Considering Buying a Home in the Tri-cities?

Considering Buying a Home in the Tri-cities?

Buying real estate can be overwhelming and there’s always an element of risk. Managing the risks of real estate is a big responsibility and isn’t to be taken lightly.

As a buyer you’ll have many things to consider besides the house price – costs to expect, things to check while viewing a home, whether to buy a townhouse or a detached home, etc.

To help you with your questions and decision-making, we’ll start to take you through a simplified buying process, and it is recommended that you begin by putting together a team to help you get initiated properly.

The first person in your team should be the mortgage broker who will help you determine if you have the means to enter the real estate market, and then, how much you can reasonably afford. A mortgage broker will also provide you with a free consultation, and explain all of the industry jargon and terms.

You might also qualify for one of the many grants and rebates available to home buyers.

Following this meeting with your mortgage broker you’ll have an understanding of all the home buying costs you should expect and need to allow for, and what your optional monthly costs will be for the term of different mortgages. If you are wanting to design your dream home but don’t know how to start visit Aveling Homes, they have all the designer tools you will need.

Contact me if you’d like the name of a local mortgage broker, and btw, I don’t accept referral fees for this or any other added-value service:)

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