Live for Tomorrow – Port Moody

Live for Tomorrow – Port Moody

Generally, something as mundane as cleaning products would not catch my attention and interest to warrant posting in my blog… but there is a product line of cleaning products that you need to know about.

The brand is “Live for Tomorrow” and the company behind this, which is based locally here in Port Moody, is LFT Group Brands Ltd. Now let me tell you why this company, and their products, has caught my interest to the point of nominating it for a Spike Award this year, in the category of Environmental Sustainability.

First of all, the company takes stewardship and conservation of water seriously. All of their products are made of plant and mineral based ingredients that are not harmful to people, animals, fish, and fauna or to our waterways… so yes, they are green. But what is truly noteworthy is how little water they use in their products. Typical liquid laundry detergents contain 80% water in their formulations. LFT considers that wasteful and unnecessary because laundry detergents are combined with water in the machine. The impact of having 80% water in detergents is increased packaging size and shipping costs, but more importantly, the waste of valuable fresh water – which is a precious resource demanded by many. LFT is the 1st Canadian company to develop 8x liquid laundry and fabric softener formulations that contain only 30% of water. They are also the first in North American (possibly global) to formulate a 2x dish liquid. The result? Less water used, smaller packaging and reduced shipping costs.

Raising awareness about the dysfunctional relationship between water and cleaning products, with the objective to help safeguard fresh water, is so important to LFT that they have partnered with WaterAid Canada (a charity focused on providing clean water, sanitation and basic hygiene education to the world’s poorest), donating 1% of their sales to this organization.

When I think of the cleaning aisle in a grocery store, I am used to seeing the “sea of white”… white plastic bottles with the odd splash of colour, and labels portraying plants or flower blooms for the green products. Boring. The Live for Tomorrow line of products is packaged in brushed aluminum (100% recyclable) as well as 97% post consumer recycled plastic containers with black labels and pumps or spray nozzles. Now this is packaging that a guy like me can relate to.

Lastly is convenience. For example, a 500mL container holds 50 loads of laundry detergent that I can hold easily in one hand. No more spilling of detergent, or overuse of detergent… just four pumps and that is all is needed to get the clothes clean.

So in summary, these products are friendly to our environment, are sustainably packaged, convenient and easy to use, support a social cause and look down right cool. LFT walks their talk of “Live for Tomorrow… clean with a Purpose”. Check them out here – if you are like me, you will be proud to support this local business.

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