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Jessica’s Differentiators

Are you looking for a Coquitlam Realtor or Port Moody Realtor? There are over 14,000 realtors and brokerages in BC’s Lower Mainland (and over 23,000 in all of BC), so how do you go about choosing the Realtor® to represent you when buying or selling real estate? Jessica Chen-Sargent is the smart choice for Coquitlam and Port Moody. Jessica differentiates herself in four important ways: 1) market intelligence, 2) hyper-local focus, 3) risk management, and 4) she’s trilingual. Let’s discuss what each of these differentiators means to you as a client.


Market Intelligence

Jessica is a lifelong learner whose goal is to provide the best service possible to her clients and one of the most important factors in providing optimal service is keeping on top of the real estate news and regulations. Some of the ways that Jessica is constantly learning include:

  • Learning and educating herself through the Real Estate Investment Network
  • Participating in weekly in-office Royal LePage brokerage meetings
  • Staying informed with all developments in BC real estate legislation
  • Keeping on top of BC real estate regulation changes

By staying informed, Jessica has good market sense, knows her pricing, and is well versed in real estate legal issues and regulations. These factors combine to make Jessica your best choice for a trusted Coquitlam Realtor® with solid real estate market intelligence.

Helping Home Buyers

Risk Management

Too often, we hear stories in the news of home buyers or sellers being caught up in scams or real estate deals that turned bad. Jessica is primed to help you prevent these situations from happening. Jessica has always operated from an ethical risk management stance to provide the best, comprehensive service to her clients. This focus on risk management helps you to protect yourself in your real estate transactions. From the focus on “Buyer Beware” to Disclosure documents protecting sellers, Jessica ensures that you have the proper representation in all real estate business, your risks are minimized, and your investment is protected. Don’t let your Coquitlam real estate deal be fraught with troubles - call Jessica!

Hyper-local Focus

Only a focused, “hyper-local” Realtor® can leverage their expertise to your maximum advantage. So, if you’re in the local Tri-Cities market, choosing a Realtor® to help you achieve your goals could be as important as the decision of buying or selling itself.

Jessica and her husband live and work in the Tri-Cities, which means that she has a thorough understanding of and a keen interest in the cities of Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam. As a result, Jessica is able to provide more information and better insight into local neighbourhoods and their benefits or concerns than a Realtor who parachutes in from a brokerage in an outlying city such as Richmond or even Burnaby.

Do you have a question about city services when pondering Coquitlam real estate? Jessica can help. Have you heard of someone unknowingly buying a previous grow-op because their Realtor wasn’t familiar with the news of the city? Jessica’s local knowledge helps her buyers (and sellers) be confident in their real estate transactions.
Some of the ways Jessica stays involved in her area include:

  • Engaging in local community groups, such as the Port Moody Soccer Club
  • Keeping on top of local politics, bylaws, and developments
  • Discussing changes in the local Tri-Cities real estate community with her trusted colleagues

By staying involved in her local community, Jessica is able to have that hyper-local focus that better serves clients looking to sell or buy real estate in Coquitlam, Port Moody, or Port Coquitlam.


Another advantage with Jessica is that she is trilingual. Born in China and university educated in Canada, Jessica not only offers service in English but she is also fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Jessica’s trilingualism gives you the competitive edge with so many Chinese buyers and sellers in our local market. It would be a particular asset if you have someone on your side who speaks the language, knows the customs, and understands the negotiation strategies of Chinese nationals.


Jessica Chen-Sargent is YOUR Coquitlam Realtor®

It is easy to see how in Coquitlam and Port Moody, your clear choice is Jessica Chen-Sargent.
Ethical. Knowledgeable and resourceful. Hyper-local. Serving YOUR best interests. To some, this may sound like a new way of doing business, but to Jessica, it’s the way everyone should be doing business. If you want a generic real estate agent, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you want a Realtor who really knows the market and cares about your rights and needs, call Jessica Chen-Sargent today!