Coquitlam City Centre Area Plan

Coquitlam City Centre Area Plan On Saturday, June 9, I went to the Community Information Session put on by the City of Coquitlam about their upcoming plans for City Centre. The info session was held at Coquitlam Centre mall (there’s another one scheduled at their Canada Day booth display at the Town Centre Park celebration … Read more

A Question of Accountability in Port Moody

Since the Tri-City News published this letter, “Has province’s charter failed? on October 5th, I’ve discovered that the annual report issued by Port Moody does not comply to the basic requirements of public accountability required by the Community Charter. The Port Moody website says, “In accordance with the provincial Municipal Charter, Port Moody publishes an … Read more

Why are we discussing a Municipal Auditor General?

So why are we discussing a Municipal Auditor General? Wasn’t the introduction of the Community Charter in 2004 designed to balance greater municipal autonomy with greater municipal accountability? Have we been sold another bill-of-goods? Part 4 Division 5 of the Community Charter lays out a requirement for municipalities to produce an annual municipal report by June 30. … Read more

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