Black-market: Buyer Beware…

Black-market: Buyer Beware… If you should see furniture being advertised perhaps you could check to see if it fits the description of anything on this image: Should you get any leads, or suspicions, I’m sure the Coquitlam RCMP would be pleased to hear from you: (604) 945-1550. Also, keep an eye on Craigslist. At around … Read more

Coquitlam Centre Kiosk for Real Estate

The Coquitlam Centre kiosk is where all my colleagues can display their listings for everyone to see, and sellers from throughout the Tri-cities really like this added exposure. We are in a prime location close to a busy entrance/exit (across from H & M, east of Zellers, under the stairs from the roof parking by … Read more

The ecological footprint of new home construction…

While I don’t have any expertise on green building, I have some views on how greening the construction process itself might benefit British Columbians. “Green Building” generally refers to a set of principles that are used in the design, construction and function of homes that are intended to facilitate better performance related to energy efficiency … Read more

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