What will record low interest rates mean for home buyers?

Following the latest Bank of Canada’s overnight rate cut from 1.50% to 1.00%, Canada’s banks have cut their prime lending rates by a half-point to a record low of three per cent, and reduced some fixed and floating-rate mortgages. The answer home buyers’ will be seeking surrounding this all-time low interest rate, will be how … Read more

Opportunities today…

This week I returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  While home sales might have slowed down slightly, asset appreciation is still happening in PV, and it is clear that those with money continue to buy there including many Canadians. I suspect that as paper portfolios diminish in North America, hard assets such as homes offer an … Read more

Buyer Beware; a public service seminar

With all the responsibilities of buying and selling real estate, the need for risk management is crucial. Whether pre-sale or resale, the onus for property evaluation is always on the buyer, although it is becoming more popular with sellers to have their own pre-sale inspection done to ensure that they are disclosing what needs to be … Read more

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