Step-by-Step Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

Step-by-Step Home Buying Process If you are new to B.C. or a first-time homebuyer, buying a home can feel like a daunting experience. Over the years, my mentor (John Grasty) and I have developed a step-by-step guide to help simplify this process. 1. Choose a Realtor then Analyze Your Needs/Goals with your Realtor When it … Read more

BC Property Assessment in 2021

BC Property Assessment in 2021

BC Property Assessment in 2021 While our minds have been clearly occupied with the pandemic and the political events south of the Canadian border, some of you may have been surprised to see the 2021 BC Assessment mail show up in your mailbox this week. If it slipped your mind with so much going on … Read more

Royal LePage Q4 2018 House Price Survey

Royal LePage Q4 2018 House Price Survey Royal LePage just released their 2018 Q4 House Price Survey results and the news is mixed. Phil Soper, President and CEO of Royal LePage, described the inflation as leading to “…dangerous overheating in our most populous regions” but noted that we are in a correctional cycle. Alex Macpherson … Read more

BC Assessment Property Assessments & Current Market Value

BC Assessment

What is Your Home and Property Really Worth? Making Sense of the BC Assessment It’s that time of year again. Every first week of January, BC Assessment, a Crown corporation, sends out its annual notifications of property assessments for owners throughout the province. And every January, homeowners scramble to make sense of the assessment. What … Read more

Port Moody | Micro Vancouver

Port Moody | Micro Vancouver

Port Moody | Micro Vancouver There are good reasons why Vancouver consistently places in the top 20 best cities to live in, in the world. Renowned for its clean air, stunning natural beauty, access to culture and recreation, great beaches and friendly people it attracts people from all over the world as the ideal place … Read more

Port Moody Neighbourhood Profiles

Port Moody Neighbourhood Profiles

Port Moody Neighbourhood Profiles Many Canadians, and especially New Canadians, continue to choose the Tri-cities to make their family home. The factors to consider when making that decision, include the access to, schools, transit, amenities, shopping, recreation, hospital, and other services. We developed comprehensive Port Moody neighbourhood profiles in 2012 in collaboration with, Here … Read more

A Grand Compromise for Port Moody

In an introductory overview of the purpose of the OCP meeting tonight at the Council Special Committee of the Whole, a PowerPoint slide read, ”It is a general statement of Council’s objectives and policies to guide land use, servicing and the form and character of future development”. I underlined the words guide and servicing above, because my concern … Read more

Balanced Market

Balanced Market (…didn’t you hear that we’re in one?) There is a cycle that serious buyers and sellers need to consider with their own timing if they are going to be in the market seriously. I use the word “seriously” because far too many people are just wasting the time of willing REALTORS® that take … Read more

Media Release: Comprehensive Real Estate Guides Created for Port Moody

Port Moody, BC: Realtor, John Grasty has teamed up with to bring a set of comprehensive guides to the neighbourhoods of Port Moody. It’s always been the goal of Jon Strocel and the team behind to create online resources that help us feel more connected as a community. When residents or potential residents … Read more

Inlet Centre Profile

[extraspace][/extraspace] Inlet Centre Profile The Inlet Centre neighbourhood is the youngest area of Port Moody, located at the head of Burrard Inlet.  It serves as a focal point in helping to link the north and south shores of the community. Port Moody’s City Hall, Public Library, Inlet Theatre, Recreation Complex, and Eagle Ridge Hospital, are … Read more

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