In an Octopus’s Garden…

Last night my wife Catharine and I went to see Paige our granddaughter who will soon be celebrating her 15th birthday. Paige always enjoys receiving our gifts (because Grandma has exceptionally great taste). Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Before we left we received a present from our recently turned 8 year-old grandson Anderson; Anderson’s Fish Tank.


Who doesn’t enjoy looking at a pretty fish tank?

This is a piece of art drawn and coloured by Anderson and looking at it we started to ask what some of the strange contents of the aquarium were.

A store?

A hunger bar?

Fish egg icon?

What we learned is that Facebook now has a new social networking virtual game, called “Fish World” where you can raise fish, decorate your tank with various items, and share your experience with Facebook friends.

From our “Boomer” fish bowl we look out in marvel at a new “Fish World” through the eyes of our younger generations.

In an effort to keep pace, Grandma has already challenged herself next year to get a mobile Smartphone with GPS.

Me, the Blackberry I’ve been using will finally replace the traditional written pocket planner; no more excuses.

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