Stories of Immigrants through Art

Stories of Immigrants through Art The building and very success of North America has been achieved on the backs of immigrants. Canadians of Chinese and Korean ethnic origin are the two most prominent immigrant groups making up our Tri-Cities community today. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to attend a local exhibition at the Port … Read more

Stepping-up in the Port Moody Spotlight

Stepping-up in the Port Moody Spotlight

With the looming September 30, 2017, Port Moody by-election, candidates will be seeking our support. While I realize everyone will not agree with my views, I was asked to share some, so here is a summary, including some comments I’ve made previously on social media.

Port Moody has recently completed many master plans and other vision documents, with which all candidates should be familiar enough to answer basic questions about. Now more than ever, we need a council who can implement some of the important recommendations contained in these plans, so I CHALLENGE ALL CANDIDATES TO TELL US, how can you contribute? What actions can you help drive?

With so much invested from residents in all of these plans they need to be put into action, which is why I don’t believe that Port Moody is actively seeking new ideas at this time. The search for new ideas will follow the municipal election in October 20, 2018, when the newly elected council, fresh from the campaign hustings, will be sharing for consideration what they heard, when preparing a new strategic plan.

Immediately, I believe that the city needs to:
– Put into action the recently completed TransPort Moody Plan;
– Provide resources to fast-track a comprehensive Community Economic Development Plan (CEDP), which was identified as a strategic priority in 2015; and,
– Finalize the Zoning Bylaw Review before year-end.

Here are five more to be tackled before October 2018:
– Prioritize and fund action items of a new CEDP (above) for implementation in the early New Year.
– Provide the public with the details and a timeline of the residential development applications underway.
– Refocusing on initiatives for the rest of the community (opportunities in areas other than Inlet Centre, Moody Centre and Rocky Point Park), the Arts and Culture, and Parks and Recreation plans need to be reviewed for implementation.
– Stop all financial grants, unless already budgeted, until after the 2018 municipal election (in-kind grants however, especially for under-utilized city amenities, are okay and should be encouraged).
– Approach the new provincial government, through our new MLA to:
o obtain gaming funds/licensing to supplement our recreation funding (like Coquitlam), and,
o re-open the Burrard Thermal Plant.

A firm commitment will be expected from whoever we elect, to invest 20+ hours weekly, reading the information to understand the issues, and to be fully prepared for participating in the daily meetings.

No doubt many of the potential candidates have served on city committees over the past years, and shown their commitment in other ways as well. The number of committees served or positions held however are not enough. If you want my vote, then I’m going to encourage you to TELL ME BEFORE VOTING OPENS on September 20th, what you have really done; what issues or problems you have personally solved, and the results you delivered, as an outcome of your direct actions, committee work, other community involvement, or career.

While we’re at it, let’s dispense with the frilly taglines; we already know that all candidates will be: Committed, Experienced, Honest, Visionary, Successful, etc., so please spare us.

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Port Moody Oceanfront Development, or what?

Port Moody Oceanfront Development, or what? Last year I toured the Flavelle Mill site, and what is hopefully soon to be the future site of the Oceanfront Development. Based on a recent Facebook post I read, there has been 47 of the 2-hour public tours to-date. It is really wonderful when so much effort is … Read more

Coronation Park – Port Moody Moving Forward

Coronation Park – Port Moody Moving Forward The Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan Area was determined based on the Inlet Centre Transit Oriented Development Area established in the Port Moody’s Official Community Plan (page 93). An objective of the Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan was to determine if land use change was appropriate for the single family … Read more

Principal Residence Exemption – 2016 Reporting Requirements

Principal Residence Exemption – 2016 Reporting Requirements For the 70% of Canadians who own a home, it is a place to live, raise a family, and connects them to their community. Due to Canada’s tax system’s Principal Residence Exemption, when we sell our homes, any increased value or “capital gains” are not taxed. This tax break … Read more

Next In BC Real Estate Market?

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Andres Delineated from Industrial area

Good things come to those who wait. As many will recall, following years and countless public meetings, in 2014 Port Moody decided to designate Westport in the Official Community Plan as a new amenity community hub. In doing so, Port Moody Council designated the Andres site as a Special Study Area suggesting that it requires … Read more

REALTORS® Reminded of Obligations to Clients

expert in disguise Real Estate

REALTORS® Reminded of Obligations to Clients “Don’t Take the Risk of Providing Services in an Area You’re Unfamiliar With.” – RECBC Once again (June, 2015) REALTORS® are being reminded by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC), about the dangers of stepping outside their comfort zone. “Even in a hot property market, you can’t … Read more

Multi-Family versus Single-Family Homes in Port Moody

Coronation Park Community

Multi-Family versus Single-Family Homes in Port Moody The recent Coronation Park Community Visioning Meeting at City Hall once again echoed the desire of some to freeze this traditional single family neighbourhood in time as if the Evergreen Line were still a fantasy and we still lived in a pre-sustainability and pre-climate change bubble. Quite apart … Read more

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