Next In BC Real Estate Market?

Next In BC Real Estate Market? This excerpt is reproduced from THE BULLETIN • AUGUST 2016 – a publication of BCREA What Will Happen Next In BC Real Estate Market? With real estate being a red hot topic in the media lately, BCREA’s Economics Team has compiled a series of reports to examine market statistics … Read more

Unraveling Real Estate in 2011…

Unraveling Real Estate in 2011… The broad brush used by ‘Talking Heads’ to paint a macro picture of real estate has little bearing on local micro markets and is worthless to the average consumer. All real estate is local and as such only local data should be considered.  In fact most of the national and … Read more

“…Homebuying is Easy”

…at least according to commentary in a publication regularly inserted in a local newspaper, which is widely circulated throughout Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley communities: The assertion,  “…Homebuying is Easy,” seems to be based on the supply of homes listed on MLS.  I checked yesterday and the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) … Read more

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