Who said Print Advertising is Dead?

Who said the era of “bus bench” (or any print) advertising is dead for REALTORS®?

Well I must admit I did about 5 years ago given the passive nature and direction of such traditional marketing. Besides, do you believe someone would choose a REALTOR® from a sign on a bench, back of a bus, or a garbage bin?  Really?

As this type of advertising has been declining the past decade, there have been growing numbers of vacant benches with a sign that reads, “You just proved that this advertising works!

All is not lost, and there is now new hope!

A modified version of the conventional print advertising sign (physical – offline) can now provide interactivity (digital – online) for the majority of consumers who have embraced smart phones.

The power of mobile devices will now conveniently connect consumers with instant content using a QR code reader app.

Picture this, you are walking by a home for sale and you are curious about it.  The For Sale sign has a QR code on it, which you scan with your mobile device.  You are automatically taken to a landing page (URL) where you will be able to instantaneously view all of the details of this property the REALTOR® has made available.

I suppose this must be why it got its “quick response” name.

Welcome to a new way of doing Real Estate!

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