Protection of the Public

In his late night TV address on May 1, 2011, Stephen Harper reaffirmed that, “Protection of the public is the first and most important duty of government.” He was of course stating this in the context of the news of bin Laden’s death. I don’t know about you but I found this interesting because clearly … Read more

Industry First, Families Second.

To the consumer a warranty should insure that a product meets their quality expectations, and the word quality is understood to mean the absence of any defect. A warranty usually addresses the integrity of a product and the responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts by the supplier. So how is a defect … Read more

Real Estate Highlights of 2010: part 1

Harmonized Sales Tax HST will affect all new homebuyers. When getting pre-approved with your lender you should get a ‘Net-Sheet’ showing you all of your estimated costs. You will need to know this before you can tell your REALTOR® what your upper limit is for buying.  Here is a link to a HST calculator if … Read more

Warranty for Homeowners is Worthless

The warranty insurance program in is basically worthless to homeowners, and allows corners to be cut in construction. “Buyer beware” remains a challenge, and even the best due diligence conducted by a buyer still presents unreasonable uncertainty.

Home Buyers Complaints Continue to be Ignored…

The CBC have reported that the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) is ignoring consumers’ complaints and allowing builders to continue with  “business as usual”. Builder relicensed despite unfinished homes This is a reminder that there is little if any protection for homeowners in BC.  For more than 25 years before the HPO was even in existence … Read more

What Homeowner Protection?

Information savvy consumers have long expected a builder to provide specific maintenance and warranty details in a format that is easy to use and access. Besides, the warranty coverage itself will be dependent upon the homeowner being compliant and doing proper maintenance, which usually requires being able to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, and regardless … Read more

Leaky condo assistance halted…

Leaky condo assistance dries up, Liberals say program is obsolete The provincial government is scrapping a program that for the past decade has provided leaky-condo owners with interest-free loans to pay for repairs By Derrick Penner The Vancouver Sun  –  August 1, 2009    Housing and Development Minister Rich Coleman said the loan program has more … Read more

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