Warranty for Homeowners is Worthless

The warranty insurance program in is basically worthless to homeowners, and allows corners to be cut in construction. “Buyer beware” remains a challenge, and even the best due diligence conducted by a buyer still presents unreasonable uncertainty.

BC Government Abandons Leaky Condos…

The sudden discontinuation on July 31, 2009, of the HPO Reconstruction Loan Program by Housing Minister, Rich Coleman and his government was unconscionable.  They have now brought consumer protection to an all-time low in BC. In the Fall of 2007 the Homeowner Protection Office received an independent report from McClanaghan and Associates which clearly pointed … Read more

Leaky Condo costs have soared past $3 billion, so far

Leaky Condo reconstruction costs have soared past $3 billion so far, and that doesn’t include the indirect societal costs borne by British Columbians that nobody is tracking. Since only about 20 percent of leaky condo owners met the government imposed “means test” of the Homeowner Protection Office loan program, the $670 million in HPO victim … Read more

Leaky condo assistance halted…

Leaky condo assistance dries up, Liberals say program is obsolete The provincial government is scrapping a program that for the past decade has provided leaky-condo owners with interest-free loans to pay for repairs By Derrick Penner The Vancouver Sun  –  August 1, 2009    Housing and Development Minister Rich Coleman said the loan program has more … Read more

Insurance companies not honouring warranties…

Insurance companies not honouring new leaky condo warranties: owners Insurers say lack of maintenance by owners is source of some problems CBC – Monday, June 22, 2009 | 9:38 AM PT Thousands of B.C. condominum owners have had to live behind walls of plastic while their leaky buildings were repaired. (CBC) Some owners of recently … Read more

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