Leaky Condo costs have soared past $3 billion, so far

Leaky Condo reconstruction costs have soared past $3 billion so far, and that doesn’t include the indirect societal costs borne by British Columbians that nobody is tracking. Since only about 20 percent of leaky condo owners met the government imposed “means test” of the Homeowner Protection Office loan program, the $670 million in HPO victim … Read more

The Condo Liquidation Phenomenon…

This post is not about the slick (and mindboggling success of) marketing ploys of developers to “liquidate” their bulk over-supply of over-priced condos throughout Metro Vancouver; although just the thought makes me shudder. The condo liquidation phenomenon I am referring to here is likely to become more prevalent as more buildings realize that their short-sighted focus … Read more

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