Benefits of Working with a Buyer’s Agent when Purchasing Your New Home

Benefits of Working with a Buyer’s Agent when Purchasing Your New Home At Real Estate Evolved, we believe in a few principles that can make all the difference when conducting a real estate transaction. One of these is “Buyer Beware” and another is “Knowledge is Power.” We know our clients are savvy and smart but … Read more

2017 Housing Supply Low in Tri-Cities

2017 Housing Supply Low in Tri-Cities Here is a snapshot of current figures for the active listings in the Tri-Cities (supply available for sale): At midnight on December 31, 2016, 51 unsold listings expired in the Tri-cities. The combined inventory of housing remaining available for sale to start the New Year is 564 units: Coquitlam … Read more

Next In BC Real Estate Market?

Next In BC Real Estate Market? This excerpt is reproduced from THE BULLETIN • AUGUST 2016 – a publication of BCREA What Will Happen Next In BC Real Estate Market? With real estate being a red hot topic in the media lately, BCREA’s Economics Team has compiled a series of reports to examine market statistics … Read more

Privacy and Transparency in Strata Corporations

Privacy and Transparency in Strata Corporations One of the things we are constantly reminded of in the real estate industry is the importance of disclosure, and any move towards transparency is a big step providing it doesn’t compromise privacy. If you’ve been involved with financing or refinancing in the past year you’ll know communication seems … Read more

Being Engaged in the Tri-cities

Being engaged in the Tri-cities is a requirement for being an effective local REALTOR®. Nothing saddens me more than seeing a new homeowner in a TV report decrying something that was practically discoverable, or even publicly known. My first thought is the buyer(s) obviously didn’t have a local REALTOR® to guide them, and I question, … Read more

Port Moody successfully achieves “Small-Town” feel

Port Moody successfully achieves “Small-Town” feel At the latest DRAFT Official Community Plan Town Hall Meeting on November 27, 2013, I heard Jillian Hull, an active Port Moody volunteer, property owner and friend, talking about the concerns of losing “small town” character, say she wants to, “…shift the argument”. Without any evidence to these claims of concern, … Read more

Seller’s Market?

Sellers Market? Today, depending on the inventory available in your immediate area, you might very well be in a sellers market, but this will probably only last for a few months until many of the expired listings from 2013 get re-listed. Since 2008, any of my interested clients, and others who might have read my blog … Read more

For What It’s Worth…

  For What It’s Worth… Very shortly you will receive your property tax assessment in the mail; Happy New Year 😉 BC Assessment determines ownership and tax liability, classifying and valuating each property in British Columbia as of the preceding July 1st. It is necessary for these estimated values to be on the same date … Read more

Is a Top Producer Really a Top Seller?

Throughout my years as a REALTOR®, I’ve met many people who chose their agents based on the fact that they are hiring a ‘Top Producer’ –  you know the agent, the one with the fancy ads, decaled vehicle and other gimmicks who will tell anyone who listens (and several who don’t), that they are the … Read more

Be Aware of the “Everywhere Specialist”

Are you curious to know why home buyers and sellers hire a Realtor® from outside of the area to represent them, and not leverage all advantages in their favour?  So am I. If you’ve ever heard, read, or seen, a report on the Canadian real estate market, you’ll know that it is rarely reflective of … Read more

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