Is a Top Producer Really a Top Seller?


Throughout my years as a REALTOR®, I’ve met many people who chose their agents based on the fact that they are hiring a ‘Top Producer’ –  you know the agent, the one with the fancy ads, decaled vehicle and other gimmicks who will tell anyone who listens (and several who don’t), that they are the top dog in their office – that anyone and everyone is clamouring for a piece of their real estate magic.

While in the world of marketing, this may seem like something people want – as a seller, this self proclaimed ‘top dog’ could be a huge weight on your wallet, and your experience.  It’s important to realize that when it comes to selling your home – it’s not awards, flash and pizzazz you’re looking for – its results.

Here’s the kicker – measurement of a Top Producer is only based on sales volume and doesn’t consider failures.

images (2)One question you should always ask a prospective REALTOR® is – “How many expired listings have you had?” This question is important because it will tell you a lot about how hard your REALTOR® will work for you.  Do you want someone who, like a politician at election time, has neighbourhoods plastered with signs, or do you want someone focused who will be able to dedicate the time and effort to sell your home?

While it’s important for REALTORS® to market themselves – there is a difference between getting your name out there, and marketing results.

As a seller ask yourself this when writing your checklist – Is an expired listing acceptable?  How would you feel about your REALTOR® telling you it didn’t go so well the first time around, but it’s ok – “We’ll get ’em next time?”

By asking the right questions, you’ll find out how hard your REALTOR® will work for you.

Another example question is asking whether the phone number advertised for showings is directly to the cell phone of your REALTOR®. Many REALTORS® have their general office number listed, which only adds more steps and delays in getting potential buyers through.

Real estate marketing has convinced people that many listings are acceptable and that so called ‘Top Producer’s’ are successful, but the fact of the matter still remains, that a SOLD home is the result you want, and not a ‘Top Producer’ of expired listings.

Chances are, you’d rather have a REALTOR® who is truly looking out for your best interest than one who has expired listings. Seller Beware!

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