Being Engaged in the Tri-cities

Being engaged in the Tri-cities is a requirement for being an effective local REALTOR®. Nothing saddens me more than seeing a new homeowner in a TV report decrying something that was practically discoverable, or even publicly known. My first thought is the buyer(s) obviously didn’t have a local REALTOR® to guide them, and I question, … Read more

Tri-Cities Housing Mix Trend Continues

Tri-Cities Housing Mix Trend Continues Five years ago we learned that the inventory of Port Moody multi-family homes surpassed single detached homes. Using December 31, 2007, as a random benchmark, 47.2% of Port Moody’s 10,867 residential homes were multi-family. As at December 31, 2013, the total number of homes in Port Moody climbed to 12,477, … Read more

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