Benefits of Working with a Buyer’s Agent when Purchasing Your New Home

Benefits of Working with a Buyer’s Agent when Purchasing Your New Home

At Real Estate Evolved, we believe in a few principles that can make all the difference when conducting a real estate transaction. One of these is “Buyer Beware” and another is “Knowledge is Power.” We know our clients are savvy and smart but in order to truly do your due diligence when purchasing a home, we advise that you go beyond your own personal internet searches to find the necessary information and work with a buyer’s agent. Here’s why:

Up-to-date information

Your Realtor® will have not only the most recent listings but also the most recent up-to-date information on those listings, so you’re not relying on information from a webpage that hasn’t been updated, for example. Your Realtor® will also have the most recent residential market statistics.

In-depth training and understanding

Your Realtor can share with you their insights on the best type of property to purchase given your needs and the market trends. We know that housing market data can be tricky to understand and apply to your offers and change of closing. For example, do you know how evaluate absorption rates and what they mean to your purchase? Do you understand all the legalese that goes into a real estate contract? We do and can walk you through it all in terms that make sense to you.

Local knowledge

Not only will your Realtor® have more in-depth understanding of the real estate transaction and legal terminology, there are those who commit to truly understanding their local communities and can provide you the best knowledge of the area you hope to buy in. Good locally-focused Realtors® will know more about regulations, building codes, and the Official Community Plans of their cities, providing you with essential knowledge that may impact which neighbourhood and lot you decide to move to.

We’re free

That’s right. We technically don’t cost you a penny to work with, as our costs are paid by the listing agent’s fee. Why not have someone with all this knowledge and experience working for you for free to ensure you have all the information necessary to make your decision?

As you can see, working with an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR)® will take you through all the necessary steps and information to make sure you are truly informed when making one of the biggest decisions of your life. Call your City of Coquitlam Realtor® Jessica Chen-Sargent or her business partner John Grasty today to get the process started. And stay tuned for more helpful tips on buying and selling your property. Call 604-561-8892 now.

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