Getting More Affordable Townhomes To Market

Cost of Quality

Getting more affordable townhomes to market – What would it really take? A recent report, Getting to Goundbreaking (G2G), was produced by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) in partnership with the Urban Development Institute and Simon Fraser University’s Urban Studies department. The report examines the residential building approval process for a townhome development to: … Read more

Industry First, Families Second.

To the consumer a warranty should insure that a product meets their quality expectations, and the word quality is understood to mean the absence of any defect. A warranty usually addresses the integrity of a product and the responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts by the supplier. So how is a defect … Read more

Let the buyer beware…

  While the Olympic Pillage Village was under construction there were TV news clips aired nightly of short cuts being taken to complete the project in time for the athletes. Should it be any surprise that CTV News reported on March 17th, Nicholas Gao and Yoko Chen, who took possession of their $600,000 suite in … Read more

New Homes Warranty Act is no guarantee…

As a British Columbian outsider I am utterly disgusted reading this article on the plight of the Shuman’s. I have a great deal of difficulty comprehending how a certain percentage of performance value or work disqualifies a claim for sub-standard workmanship or materials. Okay, so it is none of my business poking my BC nose … Read more

About Leaky Condos; the truth…

This is a follow up to this previous post which you might want to read as a backgrounder. The control of rain penetration relies on the exterior layer (the wall cladding) of the building envelope assembly to resist all rain penetration.  This requirement has always been a requirement of the building code no matter what the envelope … Read more

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