How do I avoid buying a leaky condo?

One year ago the following article which I wrote was published in the “pros & condos” section of Western Living Condo. Since then I have made it available to the public and other Realtors through my website and seminars. From feedback received I know it has already helped buyers so I thought it would be … Read more

About Leaky Condos; the truth…

This is a follow up to this previous post which you might want to read as a backgrounder. The control of rain penetration relies on the exterior layer (the wall cladding) of the building envelope assembly to resist all rain penetration.  This requirement has always been a requirement of the building code no matter what the envelope … Read more

Leaky condos mishandled by senior gov’ts…

Burnaby-New Westminster NewsLeader – June 25, 2008 Re: Fewer than half of leaky condos fixed so far: report It is interesting to read that more than $460 million has been approved by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) for no-interest leaky condo loans from the launch of the program to date. Since only about 20 per … Read more

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