Coquitlam Centre Kiosk for Real Estate

The Coquitlam Centre kiosk is where all my colleagues can display their listings for everyone to see, and sellers from throughout the Tri-cities really like this added exposure. We are in a prime location close to a busy entrance/exit (across from H & M, east of Zellers, under the stairs from the roof parking by … Read more

Real Estate Highlights of 2010: part 1

Harmonized Sales Tax HST will affect all new homebuyers. When getting pre-approved with your lender you should get a ‘Net-Sheet’ showing you all of your estimated costs. You will need to know this before you can tell your REALTOR® what your upper limit is for buying.  Here is a link to a HST calculator if … Read more

Real Estate Intelligence…

It appears supply and demand information being reported for housing in Canada comes up short. Exactly how reliable are the statistics, analysis and commentary for real estate as being reported in Canada?

Competition Bureau Seeks To Expose Consumers…

Melanie Aitken, Commissioner of Competition, issued a press release on February 8, 2010, that falsely stated, the Canadian Real Estate Association’s Rules restrict consumer choice and prevent innovative business models: The National media has been fed misleading information, which is seriously tarnishing hard-working the reputation of Canadian REALTORS® and the REALTOR® brand which we … Read more

How do I avoid buying a leaky condo?

One year ago the following article which I wrote was published in the “pros & condos” section of Western Living Condo. Since then I have made it available to the public and other Realtors through my website and seminars. From feedback received I know it has already helped buyers so I thought it would be … Read more

Question the sources and motives of “doomsday theorists”…

The Canadian Real Estate Association provides a monthly overview of the housing market in Canada.  CREA compiles statistics of properties sold through MLS and tracks market trends for prices and properties sold. According to a recent report in The Ottawa Citizen, CREA president Calvin Lindberg projects the average selling price of homes in Canada will … Read more

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