Real Estate Evolved: Buyer Beware

With a wealth of information available, it’s clear that today’s consumer is quite capable when it comes to buying a home. The irony is that too many smart people are still buying homes and having problems. It’s common place to purchase a home and then discover that there’s something wrong with it after the fact. … Read more

BC Assessment: Is your tax assessment correct?

Homeowner advocate and local Realtor, John Grasty, offers Tri-City area homeowners (and buyers) relevant property information, including comparable sales data and the most up to date and accurate picture of activity and trends for a particular market. “This is simply neighbourhood intelligence”, says Grasty, one of the first 50 Realtors (out of over 98,000) in … Read more

Question the sources and motives of “doomsday theorists”…

The Canadian Real Estate Association provides a monthly overview of the housing market in Canada.  CREA compiles statistics of properties sold through MLS and tracks market trends for prices and properties sold. According to a recent report in The Ottawa Citizen, CREA president Calvin Lindberg projects the average selling price of homes in Canada will … Read more

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