Nosey neighbours? We don’t think so!

With an insatiable appetite for answers it seems we are hardwired to be curious. 

Being in the know we have a chance to respond to changes that are likely to affect the real estate market in our area.

It is not nosiness but an inquisitive quality that allows us to stay abreast and ultimately have choices.

We call this neighbourhood intelligence.

As one of the first 50 Realtors in Canada (there are currently over 98,000) able to offer homeowners and buyers the most up to date and accurate picture of activity and trends for a particular market, you are invited to get this new free added-value service, a “Market Snapshot” of your own neighbourhood, via email and with no strings attached.

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1 thought on “Nosey neighbours? We don’t think so!”

  1. A shareholder stays informed on the value of their investment through the company Balance Sheet.

    So just as the Balance Sheet is a snapshot at a point in time of the financial position of a company, the CMA is a snapshot of the most recent information on home sales, listings and expired from the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS.

    What a great way to stay informed, and with no strings attached.

    It is the homeowner or buyer who determines and controls how frequently they get a ‘Market Snapshot’ report emailed, and also if they want to opt-out.”

    You are invited to get this added-value service, a “Market Snapshot” for your own neighbourhood intelligence, free.

    This is just one of the many ways we help clients enjoy their homes and understand the value of their investments without cost or obligation.


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