2009 Commitment to Clients…

There were 9,616 Realtors just in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver as at November 30, 2008, and membership has been declining since June.

A question to be asked by all buyers and sellers right now is, “How does your Realtor’s tile hang”?

During these challenging economic times many Realtors will likely let their licence lapse for various reasons.

Others have taken on a second job to make ends meet, or have temporarily parked their licence with a brokerage for a small fee.

How can a part-time Realtor be working in the best interest of their client?  Staying on top of the market and knowing the inventory is demanding under normal circumstances.

The balance and quality of family life for a Realtor with a split focus might also be susceptible to compromise.

Instantaneous response is something that all buyers or sellers expect, and Realtors must be able to commit to meeting the needs of our clients as well as meeting our basic obligations.

Working on a transaction with a part-time Realtor is not a favourable situation and is often challenging for the full-time Realtor.

Helping clients achieve their real estate objectives requires full-time support and expertise.

Do you know if your Realtor is a full-time professional?

With a comprehensive business plan in place for 2009 and beyond, I am committed to my clients to being a full-time Realtor.

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