“Where’s the Beef?”

Where's the beef?

“Where’s the Beef?” It’s been called a cultural phenomenon and a marketing metaphor. By questioning the matter of a hamburger over thirty years ago, Clara Peller coined the iconic phrase, “Where’s the Beef?” This question raised by the popular Wendy’s ad created a value proposition for consumers to consider; whether they were actually getting steak, or … Read more

Real Estate Evolved: Buyer Beware

With a wealth of information available, it’s clear that today’s consumer is quite capable when it comes to buying a home. The irony is that too many smart people are still buying homes and having problems. It’s common place to purchase a home and then discover that there’s something wrong with it after the fact. … Read more

People powered: BC’s population

BC’s population grew by an impressive 14,440 individuals or 0.33 per cent from October to January 2009. This was the highest fourth quarter rate of growth since 1996 and reflected a net increase of 10,255 international immigrants, 64 per cent more than a year ago. In fact, net international was the highest on record in … Read more

The Future of Housing Quality…

We recently learned of “The Future of Housing”, an upcoming conference being hosted in Metro Vancouver on May 8, 2009, by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s BC chapter.  The conference will be bringing together a diverse group of builder and real estate insiders to focus on the issues facing the housing market today and into the … Read more

Has Lower Mainland real estate evolved?

Has Lower Mainland real estate evolved?  The simple answer is yes, and our local housing market continues to change. Since 1996, the development of regional and municipal town centres has been the focus of Metro Vancouver’s Liveable Region Strategic Plan. This growth strategy was adopted to make complete communities with amenities and jobs convenient to … Read more

Questions for Sellers …

You probably won’t find the following questions on your average real estate brochures: Sellers, do you: know to what extent that you want to be involved in the sale? have a coherent strategy? know how to attract the serious, qualified buyers? understand what a stale property is? know the consequences of not disclosing properly when selling? … Read more

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