Coquitlam Centre Kiosk for Real Estate

The Coquitlam Centre kiosk is where all my colleagues can display their listings for everyone to see, and sellers from throughout the Tri-cities really like this added exposure.

We are in a prime location close to a busy entrance/exit (across from H & M, east of Zellers, under the stairs from the roof parking by the elevator) and it allows people to engage us if they have real estate questions.

Visitors especially like it when we can pull up a listing for them on the computer at the kiosk, and often it is just the curiosity of knowing what a neighbour sold their home for.

It also a great way of meeting people, making appointments and offers a convenient location for those without the Internet to pick up the local real estate paper.

This month I’ve been scheduled at the Coquitlam Centre kiosk for:

Monday, April 4th from 4 until 6

Friday, April 8th from 10 until 12 noon

Wednesday, April 13th 12 noon until 1:30 

If you’d like to talk about real estate come and visit me at the Coquitlam Centre kiosk. If you can’t make it to see me you can always call me at: 778-878-0778 or email:

BTW, if you’d like a magnetic bookmark (see picture), post-it-notes or the calendar notepads (all very popular), come pay me a visit.

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