Perils of Selling Your Own Home

I listened to a CBC Radio One discussion on November 3rd, 2010, between The Current host, Anna Maria Tremonti and Bernadette Lonnegan, who paid a flat-fee for a REALTOR® to list her Calgary home on the local MLS® in June. Although Bernadette had previously sold a number of homes over the years and always with … Read more

Real Estate Intelligence…

It appears supply and demand information being reported for housing in Canada comes up short. Exactly how reliable are the statistics, analysis and commentary for real estate as being reported in Canada?

Is my Secret Service badge and pay in the mail?

Over the weekend I read in the Vancouver Sun how a retired Richmond homeowner lost title to his bungalow to con artists. The fraudsters also got away with a mortgage scam worth $400,000. The failure of the banks, lawyers, land title office, etc., to verify both parties to the transaction is scandalous in itself. Since … Read more

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