Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Andres Delineated from Industrial area

Good things come to those who wait. As many will recall, following years and countless public meetings, in 2014 Port Moody decided to designate Westport in the Official Community Plan as a new amenity community hub. In doing so, Port Moody Council designated the Andres site as a Special Study Area suggesting that it requires … Read more

West Port Moody – Westport Promises

West Port Moody Revitalization

West Port Moody – Westport Promises My last post noted how West Port Moody and Moody Centre have been left behind in terms of amenities and sustainable lifestyle.  At the same time, it’s fair to add that the stage has been set in the last couple of years for this picture to change significantly. While … Read more

West Port Moody – Our Rip VanWinkle

KY Market Port Moody

West Port Moody – Our Rip VanWinkle The closure of the K. Y. Market will likely again remind some west Port Moody residents how time has passed them by. As I blogged many times since 2009, it’s amazing how little has changed in this sleepy neighbourhood which has had no new supermarket, drug store, government … Read more

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