Port Moody Oceanfront Development, or what?

Port Moody Oceanfront Development, or what?

Last year I toured the Flavelle Mill site, and what is hopefully soon to be the future site of the Oceanfront Development. Based on a recent Facebook post I read, there has been 47 of the 2-hour public tours to-date. It is really wonderful when so much effort is put into engaging citizens.

During the extensive planning it was discovered that a potential archaeological site exists to the west at the mouth of Kyle Creek. To respect this possibility the proponent is leaving that part of the site in its natural habitat and for park space. In my view, publicly sharing this and many other sensitive details, goes a long way in demonstrating the transparency, motives and values of the proponent.

One of the more interesting questions I heard asked on tour was, “What might happen if the eventual proposal doesn’t go through?” and I don’t believe there has been enough discussion about this possibility.

At this point the only certainty is that taxes will go up, and that recent lumber duties are squeezing the operations even more.

Flavelle has other options, including selling the site to another industrial user; like a grain elevator operator perhaps. This is extremely scary, and the reality is it could happen in Port Moody.

The Port Authority has apparently already shown great interest, or perhaps PCT might want to expand their operations beside Rocky Point Park, and then again, Flavelle could always lease the land to some third party.  What has been happening in Moodyville, North Vancouver isn’t something that would likely be welcome in front of any residential area in Moody Centre.  It is highly unlikely that the municipal tax collected from any of the industrial (especially if owned by government, Port, etc., with lower contributions) alternatives would provide similar benefits to the citizens of Port Moody compared to an Oceanfront Development.

If the Flavelle proposal doesn’t go through then the mill will probably continue to operate for the short-term, but inevitably merge operations with the other less costly operations and more accessible facilities in Surrey.

The contributions of an Oceanfront redevelopment on the site, which is on the boundary of the Moody Centre TOD area, should be much more desirable to us in every respect, and that is what has prompted this post. We need to fully understand the consequences if things were to go sideways.

The discussions, hearings, open houses, tours, etc., have been very informative, but it has taken what seems like forever to get this far for an OCP amendment. I believe it is now in the best interest of the community to get this approved and moving forward without any more delays, or before other less-desirable options are given consideration.

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