Coronation Park – Port Moody Moving Forward

Coronation Park – Port Moody Moving Forward

The Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan Area was determined based on the Inlet Centre Transit Oriented Development Area established in the Port Moody’s Official Community Plan (page 93).

An objective of the Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan was to determine if land use change was appropriate for the single family area.  On May 9th, 2017 Council adopted the Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment that would implement the Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan.

It was also intended to follow a logical boundary within closest proximity to the 400 metre radius circle surrounding the Inlet Centre Station (in most cases following existing roads).  In the case of Coronation Park, Balmoral Drive was determined to be this logical boundary.  The Plan Area was endorsed by Council on December 1, 2015, as part of the Terms of Reference for the Plan.

The Highland Park and Eagle Point townhouse complexes were both orphaned from the plan because they are already designated Multi-family residential in the OCP.  Accordingly, an OCP Amendment would not be needed if either complex were to redevelop under the existing multi-family designation.

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