“MLA wants regulations for home inspectors”

Letter to the Editor:

Homebuyer beware – Coquitlam NOW – Friday, June 06, 2008

Re: “MLA wants regulations for home inspectors” Friday, May 30.

The “neglect in protecting homebuyers” is widespread, and Coquitlam-Maillardville MLA Diane Thorne’s concern is shared by many.

Home buying is fraught with risk and claims far too many victims; whether resale or presale.

The home inspection is one of the many ways a homebuyer is left unprotected.

The home inspection contract has as many disclaimers, exclusions and limitations as the 2-5-10 new home warranty insurance program. Often the inspectors used by the warranty providers are unqualified to give an opinion; how can they possibly dispute a homeowner warranty claim?

It was recently revealed here in the Tri-Cities that unqualified city officials ordered a homeowner to make home improvements as a result of an inspection.

Protecting the homeowner and homebuyer is a wide-ranging issue which needs some political will and leadership to be dealt with seriously.

It will be very interesting to see the outcome of the (Premier Gordon) Campbell administration’s initiative to certify and regulate home inspectors, especially since they failed to deliver on their vote-buying, pre-election promises to leaky condo owners.

As a homeowner advocate, I hear many of the buyer horror stories of families whose dreams have been shattered, just like the devastated owners of leaky condos.

It is sickening.

The issue is broad, but the goal of government is simple: to promote a fair, safe and informed marketplace — one in which your rights as a homebuyer are fully protected.

We can only hope that legislation is introduced soon to achieve this. Meanwhile, let the buyer beware.

John in Port Moody

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