Port Moody Topography lends itself to Terracing…

I had the opportunity to review the plans and conceptual drawings for this development being proposed by Harmonix Ventures for Henry Street and Buller Street and fully support the project moving forward.

This is in “Area 3” of Moody Centre as it was identified at the Design Charrette in 2007, and as a participant in that particular group I am delighted to see how the proposal is in keeping with the vision.

Neighbourhood Plan Area policies for Moody Centre include encouraging non-vehicular movement of people in the neighbourhood by creating improved pedestrian connections. This development is true to transit-oriented development principles, creating a more compact, walkable community and reducing reliance on vehicles, and fits the definition of a Complete Community.

The incorporation of Green building technologies and sustainability features also add visual interest and identity to the streetscape, and are exactly what Port Moody citizens have asked Mayor and Council to provide.

Although the 300 plus residents this development will add are just outside the 400 metre radius of the Evergreen Line station, it is critical for this proposal to move forward without any delays to further demonstrate Port Moody’s commitment to Evergreen Line stations being located where they are best supported by land uses and densities.

This proposal from ANKENMAN MARCHAND Architects is a highly sensitive solution to this unique and beautiful site that offers unprecedented views to wilderness, the City skyline and mountains beyond, using the latest in sustainability principles and technology.

The property is located on northerly sloping ground on the foot of Chineside Escarpment, which separates the uplands of Coquitlam from he lowlands of Port Moody, and is bordered on it’s east side by Elginhouse Creek.

Accordingly this project will be subject to considerable geotechnical scrutiny and requires sensitive environmental considerations through development.

The architects have done an incredible job of providing a very soft organic solution to the site when seen from afar with a series of ascending green terraces and extensive green roofs relating to the site’s natural “green” treed slope setting.

The building provides approximately 151 residential units within walking distance to schools, public transportation, and all the shops and services that are available along St John’s.

I have written asking Mayor and Council to fully support this project on its own merit without any delays, and as an example of what Port Moody wants to see in the future. Please add your support as well.

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  1. excellent commentary John. fully agree with your comments regarding the site and the architecture and will also be writing to mayor and council to urge support of the project.


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