Container gardening on our Port Moody roof!

We are fortunate to have a modest rooftop terrace where growing our own fresh vegetables has great appeal. We have an open sunny location with direct rain and tap water available, and not being experienced gardeners we want to start with something simple.

We’re in the early research, planning and design stages, and to start we’ve decided to buy either seedlings or plants. Next year perhaps we’ll take on the challenge of starting the plants from seeds.

In preparation of this undertaking my 9 year old grandson, Anderson, and I, attended the Composting workshop hosted by the City of Port Moody and manager of environmental services, Julie Pavey. Thanks Julie

Over a month later and we have a thriving compact-sized compost container for recycling certain of our food wastes. The red wiggler worms can process up to three pounds of food waste each week and transform it into valuable potting soil; our own source of fertilizer.

So we are open to tips from anyone experienced with container gardening.

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