Black-market: Buyer Beware…

Black-market: Buyer Beware…

If you should see furniture being advertised perhaps you could check to see if it fits the description of anything on this image:

Should you get any leads, or suspicions, I’m sure the Coquitlam RCMP would be pleased to hear from you: (604) 945-1550. Also, keep an eye on Craigslist.

At around 5 a.m. today three men took the sofa, coffee table and two armchairs from the front lobby of a Coquitlam area condominium. The approximate replacement cost of these pieces is in the neighbourhood of $4,000.

As well, the thieves removed one of the windup hose reels located outside the building.

I’m told the unfortunate part is that there was no recorded use of an entry fob, and the cameras show one of these hooded men covering up the unit numbers being pushed.

I’m posting this as a “heads-up” to all strata councils to be aware of the vulnerabilities of your own building. How secure is your front entry and the rest of your building?

It is a shame that we have to chain down our chattels, converting them to fixtures, but providing temptation is asking for trouble. Heck, we can’t even leave the smallest thing visible in our locked vehicles for fear of break-in.

On a side note, our single-detached family home was burgled (or burglarized) in 1994, which just advanced personal goals of multi-family living. Today I’m really glad we made that decision, and despite these types of stories, believe we enjoy a better quality of life.

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