Zoned Out in Port Moody

The emergence of a monster home in Moody Centre was raised as an issue during the Design Charrette held in June, 2007,  and for local residents it was an important issue because it totally detracted from the heritage character and charm of the area.

The city manager and director of planning addressed the concern at the meeting by stating that zoning and bylaws would need to be changed to put a halt to it spreading. They went on to say it was being worked on.

So when the topic of blocked views was raised a few years later at a council meeting by a delegation from the Barber Lane area, I was surprised to hear that zoning and bylaw issues had still not been addressed.

At the Pleasantside All Candidates Meeting on Sunday evening we learned that council has still failed to fix the problem areas, which explains why several more monster homes have been allowed to sprout up throughout Moody Centre.

So it’s taken over four (4) years to hear on Sunday night that council is now reviewing these things.

Zoned out, or what?

3 thoughts on “Zoned Out in Port Moody”

  1. …the image is from a flyer being distributed throughout Port Moody during the municipal elections by a citizen, and during the pouring rain, which is why it has blotches. I’m not getting into the details of what is on the other side, but it does say, “TIME TO BE HEARD”!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link John.

    In my view, elected officials have to rely on the high-priced professionals at city hall to be able to understand and explore the best options for all taxpayers.

    Given the known sensitivity expressed as early as 2007 and perhaps even earlier, what is disturbing is that both council and staff failed to act on the known public opposition surrounding this topic.


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