The Rewards of Volunteering

Through my years of volunteering I’ve been blessed with meeting amazing people from all walks of life who, like me, all care about the place we call home, and ways that we can give back.

While serving on the Centennial Steering Committee with the City of Port Moody, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a woman who, like many of us, savours the rewards of donating time to her community. With a background in marketing, social media, and administration, Michelle Murray was the perfect addition to the committee, having been a part of projects like the Pemberton Festival, as well as the Spirit of BC, she brought to the table some wonderful experiences, skills and stories. It’s this time volunteering together, and selling Centennial souvenirs at the various events that I learned of some of her skills, and on a side note, have since been able to utilize them in some of my real estate business.

If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that everyone has a story. While some may be of hard times, others can be of amazing or unique experiences, and stories I love to hear and share, because a community needs to hear the good news and recognize the successes, of others, no matter how small.

If you’ve ever heard of Gordon Ramsey, then you more than likely know of MasterChef; the culinary competition that pits home cooks against each other to showcase to America they are the best (plus an incredible monetary reward, and a cook book). Recently, CTV announced they too will be offering to viewers MasterChef Canada (or #MasterChefCDA in the Twittersphere), which Michelle had the honour of an invitation to audition in Vancouver back in July. When I heard about this, I joked that Michelle could practice her audition meal on her fellow committee members, but we’ve yet to see any food.

Michelle & SHARE Bear at the Rotary Food Drive this past summer

Sadly, today I learned that Michelle won’t be seen on television next winter, but I thought this was such a neat story, and something not everyone gets to do in their lives and it should be recognized. Congratulations Michelle on making it to round two of the auditions; we’re proud of you.

Michelle is a healthy food advocate, and also spends some of her time volunteering with SHARE; in fact, she likes to throw around that she and SHARE Bear, are tight.

All this being said, one of the many reasons I’m a Tri-cities Realtor, and a community volunteer, is because of all the great stories people have to share; from stories of veterans all the way to Michelle and MasterChef Canada, these stories help to define who we are, and when I sell a home I feel lucky that I get to help that person, couple or family, start a chapter of their story.

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