OCP Growth Concerns in Port Moody

OCP Growth Concerns in Port Moody

Since 2006, the federal government has welcomed the highest yearly average of immigrants in Canadian history. Personally I’ll continue to welcome Newcomers, because in the end I really believe we all just want to be good friendly neighbours and help each other.

Accommodating growth however seems to be a concern for some in Port Moody, and so without any NIMBY accusations (or motives), I wondered if anyone has ever raised their concerns with our local MP’s about the future growth our national immigration policies will allow?

Perhaps we need to start asking how our current levels meet the needs of our future workforce, and respect LGBT persons, family reunification, persons with disabilities, etc. Where does Canada’s humanitarian role in fast-tracking sponsorship from disaster areas fit in the population growth picture?

Perhaps the broader question is, does the influx of New Canadians planned for by the federal government address nation building?

How is our provincial government handling this to ensure we have corresponding infrastructure and other funding requirements for municipalities to accommodate such growth? Has anyone with concerns about local growth asked our local MLA’s how the federal dots and dollars connect to provincial growth policies?

Hopefully all of this was carefully considered in the future Regional Growth Strategy population projections provided by Metro Vancouver, which forms the basis for our OCP growth figures in Port Moody. One would certainly think so; right!?


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