Port Moody’s Farmers Market is back…

…by popular demand, at the Queens Street Plaza open every Saturday starting August 1st through to September 5th, 2009.

The Queens Street Plaza Farmers Market is a very popular public venue for fresh produce, and features artisans, crafters, entertainment & food.

Queens Street Plaza is located between Clark Street and Spring Street (north of St. Johns Street).

Being the “City of the Arts“, live music and entertainment are being organized to add a festive atmosphere for an unforgettable trip to the Port Moody Farmers Market, open from 9:30AM to 3PM.

If you’re out of town for the BC Day or Labour Day long weekends, you can still embrace the excitement mingling with the locals and visitors on August 8, 15, 22, 29.

The Port Moody Farmers Market has a real sense of community spirit that attracts visitors from all over; don’t miss it!

6 thoughts on “Port Moody’s Farmers Market is back…”

  1. As a farmer, I’m wondering who is organizing this and why local farmers don’t know anything about the event — don’t you need farmers to have a farmers’ market?

  2. Chris, I’m the organizer of Port Moody Queens St Plaza Farmers Market. I’ve visited many farmers market to get the word out and talked to many farm vendors. Where are you vendoring? Call me: 604-720-3750. I would like to come and see you. We would love to see you in our market.

  3. A Message from Ken Kwok, Organizer of 2009 Queens St Market

    Queens Street Plaza market used to be a very popular venue in Port Moody. After two years of absence, we decide to give it a try to revive the market. It is not an easy job. Shoppers who came to Queens Street Market few years ago had forgotten her and have gotten used to going to other markets. It will take time for them to readjust their shopping habits to return. We are doing our best to promote the market with limited advertising budget.

    Farmers want a busy market for their fresh produce. They expect to sell 99% of their produce in a single market day. That will require a high traffic market. We ask them to be patience as Queens Street Market is at its early stage of revival. Farmers can’t expect to sell as much here as other well established markets. If farmers want to see more market places open for them to sell in the future, they should support new market opening and be patience.

    Other types of vendors must also be patience with the reopening of Queens Street Market. A new market grows gradually before it becomes a full blown popular market. There are a few successful markets that had a slow beginning before they became very busy now. Vendors who criticized new market should have a longer vision to help new market grows which will benefit them eventually. Negative criticism hurts everyone.

    Vendor spends a small fee to sell at a market, but the organizer of the market spent lot of time and investment to develop it for vendors. The organizer of Queens Street market is not a non-profit society, thus, there is zero benefits nor subsidy from the city. It is private investment that is being pumped into reviving Queens Street Market. The organizer of Queens Street Market deserves the support from farmers and vendors.

    I urge residents of Port Moody to come out to support Queens Street Market. A community market deserves your support!

    Ken Kwok
    Organizer of Queens Street Market
    August 2009

  4. Hi

    I was just wondering if the market would be coming back this year? I just moved to Port Moody and would love to have a market so close. Also, the link doesn’t work, so I wasn’t sure where else to contact for more information. The only other site promoting a Port Moody market is the following:
    and I am not sure if this is even the same one. Hope to hear back from anyone.



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