Shhh…; Wanna know a Secret in Port Moody?

It isn’t going to be a secret for much longer but the best pizza you have ever tasted is now available in Port Moody’s newest Restaurant.

With a bit of luck, that is if you act quickly, you’ll have a chance to beat the inevitable crowds that will fill the place once the word gets out.

Everyone has been wondering, “When is it going to open?”

Very quietly the wood-fired ovens of the Heritage House Pizza Company were lit-up last week at 2714 Clarke Street in Port Moody.

The first thing that strikes you is the building itself; now restored similar to how the original Appleyard Residence must have looked when it was built back in 1910 on a lot across the road.


Last night Catharine and I walked over and were warmly welcomed by Darryl and Martina, the proud parents of co-owner, Sam Tolentino. Sam’s business partner is Art Kielec.

Once inside a visual diversity of more modern amenities are blended with the heritage elements, and an eclectic selection of background music set the wonderful ambiance.

The menu chosen by Head Chef, Dominique Ragenard, and Pizzaiolo, Gerry Gaeta, will leave nobody disappointed. Our selection on our first visit (of many future visits) was a Spinach Salad with warm beets and goat cheese, and a Greek Pizza.  Complemented with a taste of  Malbec, the whole experience was first rate.

Initially the hours of business are from 5 until 10, Tuesday to Sunday, the take-out will probably be open by the end of the month, and it is hoped delivery (604-936-5000) will be available sometime in February.

You’re not going to be disappointed.

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