“Above the Cloud”; Is the balloon too high (on itself)?

Re/max has recently been practicing pure “puffery”, conducting a national radio and TV advertising campaign that claims they are, “Canada’s Favourite Agents”.

While new agents are taught that you can’t make such claims unless the source or basis on which the claim is based accompanies the ad, most tenured agents know better.

Since any claims in advertising must comply with all applicable laws here in Canada, including the Competition Act, one must assume that Re/max has been thorough in performing their due diligence, and provided sufficient information to enable informed consumer choice. Yeh right!

This advertising is not particularly professional, shows a complete lack of any substance or real value, and does nothing to enhance the public perception of Re/max, or our industry.

IMHO, resorting to “puffery” really cheapens our profession and industry, neutralizes national efforts to correct and promote favourable public perception and professionalism, and seems counter intuitive.

In fact I’d be embarrassed if I were a Re/max agent knowing this is where my fees were going, and I wouldn’t be in a hurry to get on that balloon if I was a prospective agent either.


2 thoughts on ““Above the Cloud”; Is the balloon too high (on itself)?”

  1. Firstly I have a problem with Remaxers and their false EGO.
    I agree with your comments and have wondered if the research would support that comment. I certainly did like their previous ads,” The right agent blab blab”. I see all the contracts in this office. What a joke.

    Get a copy of March REM page 19. I concur whole heartly.

    Nice to see them including us in their thoughts.


  2. Re/Max has been inhaling too much hot-air from their balloon.

    There are other thinly veiled claims common in the industry with little value to consumers. A few examples:
    What does the offer of “full service” really mean? Again the consumer is often unaware that there is “full service” and then there is “FULL SERVICE”, and rarely is this equal.
    How does the assertion, “We are the fastest growing real estate company” help the consumer? It doesn’t, so beware of low sales per agent when these claims are being made by a brokerage/company.


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