Predictions: 2011 Assessed Values for Tri-Cities

LANDCOR® Data Corporation compared proprietary House Price Index results from July 2009 to July 2010 in order to estimate the change in property value.

After the analysis here are predictions of what homeowners in the Tri-Cities can expect in the mail in January:

Municipality                Detached                 Condo

Coquitlam                     14.6%                       7.1%

Port Coquitlam             9.2%                         8.1%

Port Moody                  15.2%                       1.9%

These numbers are likely similar to what the civic government taxation departments will base your upcoming 2011 tax bills.

All figures are estimations only and do not attempt to replace BC Assessment’s valuation procedures and policies.

You can download the entire report here:

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