Predictions: 2011 Assessed Values for Tri-Cities

LANDCOR® Data Corporation compared proprietary House Price Index results from July 2009 to July 2010 in order to estimate the change in property value. After the analysis here are predictions of what homeowners in the Tri-Cities can expect in the mail in January: Municipality                Detached                 Condo Coquitlam                     14.6%                       7.1% Port Coquitlam             … Read more

Is your 2010 tax assessment correct?

Homeowner advocate and local Realtor, John Grasty, offers Tri-City area homeowners (and buyers) relevant property information, including comparable sales data and the most up to date and accurate picture of activity and trends for a particular market. “This is simply neighbourhood intelligence; an added-value service with no strings attached,” says Grasty. “Homeowners have better choices … Read more

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